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The highest paid agents in the industry share a common philosophy in prospecting For Sale By Owners:
"They all list eventually."

Their system does not work. They always think they will save money but in the end realize that a good agent is the only way to get top dollar. A good agent increases demand through a comprehensive marketing system. Higher demand increases price and seller net proceeds. in the best seller’s market, 50% of for sale by owners list during the first 30 days. In a competitive market that number jumps to 70%.

If you want to be compensated $10,000 to $20,000 every month, you will need to overcome any emotional ties to the prospecting process. consistent follow up system removes all emotional decisions. Do not analyze the results until you have made 150-300 new contacts and followed through on all of them. You will be amazed… and well paid!

Every By Owner Lists

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Telemarketing Worx Scripts


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