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Six Step Service

It could be said that no two agents perform the exact same service or follow the same process.

Realtor Associates are notoriously independent and consequently most are ineffective.

THINK: How does the public perceive Real Estate Agents???
            How is our industry perceived?
            How much does the average agent earn?

When experts call our industry fragmented, broken, and ineffective or challenged, we think the lack of STANDARDS is the cause of all these symptoms.

McDonalds, Apple, Starbucks, Microsoft, Virgin, Southwest, Marriott, Nordstrom’s... In fact all of America's Most Admired Companies have Sales and Service Standards!

Michael Gerber's E-Myth hypothesizes that  "there is one best way to do everything"

It's our job to discover the best way to serve our clients and adhere to that

Click Below for Service Standard Documents

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