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When a Realtor Associate operates without a business plan, it is like watching a field of wheat blowing in the wind.

Which trainer did they listen to this month?
Which gimmick e-mail did they open this week?
Who did they believe at the water cooler today?

Changing direction in the face of every adversity is the plague of Realtor existence.

The difference between success and failure in the real estate business is consistency.

Basic Realtor Associate Business Planning Instruction

This is a listing acquisition source of business chart for one month!
You might see how business planning and accountability go together.

Source of Business Charting
Use this to chart your sources for review and keep you on track for the year.

Agent EASY business planning
The shortest version of Business planing. Asks the questions to get you to where you need to be.

Survival to Success
This is a Microsoft Publisher Document so you must have Publisher to open & edit.
An emerging Realtors journey from minimum wage to Executive Level compensation.
Little by little we grow our income projections around what is probable and likley NOT what is extraordinary and irrational. Use this document to commit to the next level of income and articulate your personal and business expenses.

The Challenge(s) of pushing YOUR boulder up YOUR hill...

Everytime you change your plan YOUR BOULDER rolls back down to the bottom of YOUR HILL.

Your BUG's EYE perspective doesn't allow you to see the TOP OF YOUR HILL.

A bird's eye view would show you that the GRATIFICATION you need is only 60-90 days in front of you.

A bird's eye view would show you that once you get YOUR BOULDER to the top of YOUR HILL, the landscape changes. The slope shifts to YOUR FAVOR and the boulder practically pushes itself.

DO NOT CHANGE DIRECTIONS IN THE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS. Top Realtors across the country stay in the same farm, the same sphere of influence, the same brokerage, the same price range, the same neighborhood and work the same sources of business year after year after year.

Source of Business Selection
Use this resources to help you choose your sources of business for the next year.

Capitalize on Craigs List
Check out this sample source of business.

Business Planning Training
This is the training that was offered on Business planning simply click on the title and watch the recorded version.
Evolution of Efficiency            Top 15 Sources of Business

Click on the pictures below to view the powerpoint of each of the Business Planning Sessions

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